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Property Management. Maximized.

Owners and Landlords

Ramon Bermudez Realty's Property Management Department was born out of the demand our clients had for us to manage and grow their rental portfolios. Our clients are aware that we have managed and grown rental portfolios exponentially in our careers for several large hedge funds and investors. 

At Ramon Bermudez Realty we bring over a combined 35 years of experience in Real Estate and Property Management. We promise worry-free management of your asset while ensuring worry-free screening, quality tenants, and day-to-day operation of your home.

Our goal is to ensure your investment appreciates with the ever-changing market, while ensuring operating expenses stay low to maximize short-term profits. Unit vacancy is the biggest loss of revenue; therefore we strive to reduce vacancy rate and vacancy duration.

In 2021, technology is at the forefront of any successful operation. At Ramon Bermudez Realty, we utilize the best technology suite to minimize Owner’s expenses and increase our tenant’s satisfaction by collecting rent online, accepting repair requests electronically, and pay our Owners via Direct Deposit to minimize risk and management cost.

When managing rental properties our first priority is protecting your hard-earned asset while maintaining a positive relationship with the tenants.

If you are interested in what our company has to offer and you would like to have your property professionally managed, please email us at or contact us at 817-663-0791 and our dedicated Property Management department will send you information on our services and set up a time for you to meet/speak with Ramon Bermudez, our Property Manager and Broker.

Our Commitment 

We know owning rental properties can be overwhelming and stressful. That's why we take on that responsibility and commit to making your experience worry-free and enjoyable. We commit to maintaining a frequent, open, and honest line of communication so that you will feel comfortable making will-informed decisions regarding the ownership and maintenance of your home. Our annual commitment to you and your home is below.

Our Annual Commitment

Our Annual Review is our commitment to you and your home. This is a great way to check in on the health of your home. In our ever-changing DFW market, many things can change over the course of 12 months. We commit to doing a physical evaluation of the interior and exterior of your home, an assessment of the terms of your loan as they compare to current market rates, and review of your insurance policy, and a property value review. 

  • Physical House Review
    • Our review consists of a brief interior and exterior inspection to check for obvious signs of termites, water damage, or foundation issues and includes tips on maintenance and burglar proofing your home. If there are concerns about possible termite damange, we can work with you to schedule a local termite inspector to to an estimate and analysis.
  • Market Value
    • During this quick but detailed assessment of what your property is worth in the current market, Ramon Bermudez Realty will share their professional opinion as to your property’s current resale value, which is good to know even if you have no plans to sell. They will also show you how and why the value of your home changes over the years.
  • Home Improvement Review
    • Ramon Bermudez Realty will discuss the effect of any planned or recently completed improvements have on your property’s value. They can also recommend referrals to any service providers or contractors you may need for any future repairs.
  • Property Taxes
    • This section is a review your current taxes to identify any additional tax savings you may be entitled to. We will also help with filing for your exemptions, and if needed, gather data to help you in protesting the appraised value of your home.
  • Loan Review
    • The Loan Review is a closer look at both your current loan rate and term to see if there is a better option for you, and your Agent can also identify equity to refinance any high-interest debt.
  • Insurance Review
    • This review will help ensure that your current policy protects you for the correct value based on the replacement cost of your property. You and your Agent will also see if you qualify for any additional savings.

We sincerely appreciate the confidence you have placed in us. Our top priority is taking care of your needs, and our business depends on your satisfaction. We will attempt to exceed your expectations because we want to make this experience fun and rewarding for you.

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